Street Parade 2014



2nd of August 2014

Sector Beatz and Bass Addicts goes to StreetParade 2014!!

With the motto «Enjoy the dance floor - and save it!», the Zurich Street Parade Association is calling on everyone to enjoy the party zones but to protect them too. Violence and lack of consideration are as much out of place here as intolerance and reckless negligence. The dance floor is a modern village square, where people meet, communicate and celebrate together. It is the central hub around which the wheel of electronic music turns. Decency, consideration and tolerance to residents and neighbours are as important as being together peacefully and celebrating in clubs – and at the Street Parade.

The Street Parade is still a demonstration in favour of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance. On the day of the Street Parade, Zurich enjoys a unique atmosphere and a wide range of electronic music with DJs from all over the globe. The Street Parade route around the lakeside becomes a giant dance floor. We want you to enjoy this incredibly beautiful event and to help create the greatest, most colourful open-air festival for electronic music.

We are looking forward to a peaceful, colourful 2014 Street Parade with joyful, tolerant, peaceful people from all over the world!

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